Point of Sale System

An affordable, Easy to use Point of Sales Software for Retail Industry

SuperPOS is The point of sales solution, which gives you a convenient way of checking out customers and of recording sales whilst keeping record of the store inventory, order processing, printing out receipts, carrying out promotions, tracking customers, managing sales assistants performances, etc. The system eases the flow at checkout terminals, while recording all the information that can help you make better business decisions.

When checking out a customer you can either input the sales item yourself, use a bar code scanner or going one step further you can use our mobile solutions for much faster checkout times. System makes your business accounting a lot easier by creating reports on inventory, sales, customers, etc. Since it is already recording each sale, it can easily tell you the sales and revenue of the day.

SuperPOS is the system that you’ve been looking for to take full control of your business.

SuperPOS provides an easy to use interface for all your activities and it can make the job of the cashier a lot easier by automating the routine tasks of the day. SuperPOS comes with a wide variety of modules and you can choose one that fits your budget and meets the needs of your particular business.

SuperPOS is a simple yet powerful point-of-sale system that helps you run your business more profitably.

  • • Take payments
  • • Manage inventory
  • • Track customers
  • • Access reports
  • • And much more

Real-Time Dashboard:

A real time dashboard is a dashboard that contains visualizations that are automatically updated with the most current data available. These data visualizations offer a combination of historic data and real-time information that is useful for identifying emerging trends and monitoring efficiency. Real time dashboards usually contain data that is time-sensitive.

This dashboard example shows a visualization being automatically updated to show the latest data set available. While having a real-time dashboard can be a powerful tool for sales and marketing teams tracking daily and hourly performance metrics with business.


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