Hotel and Restaurant Management System


Has been planned with an attractive cloud base system to cater ur Hotel, Resort or Restaurant.

  • As a special feature, KOT (kitchen order ticket) is enabled. Further it can be used in food & liquor sector too. building strong, perfect relationship with valuable customers.

Gives you an overall summary reports regarding GRN, used stock quantity using special touch pad system.

Some of the key features we addressed are

• Smart Order Taking

  • Automate the entire order taking process using the Server’s App. It has the full menu displayed, through which the waiters can accept and push the orders directly to the KOT & BOT.Data Back-up and Security

• Stock & Inventory Management

  • Keep a track of the stock requirements of the hotel restaurant. Set re-order levels for individual stock items, that send you real-time alerts whenever a particular stock item is about to be depleted.

• Data Back-up and Security

  • Go secure ensures that your business data is in safe hands with real time backup on cloud. Secure, reliable and easy to restore ensuring 100% business continuity of your restaurant operations

Hotel / Restaurant Reports

  • View Conversion Ratio from Room to Restaurant and see how many of your Checked-in guests are dining at your hotel restaurant.
  • Keep a check on the time taken from accepting the In-room Dining order, to delivering it to the room.
  • Check the number of tables occupied during the day, along with Session-wise analysis that tells you which time of the day – breakfast, lunch, or dinner is generating maximum sales.
  • Check the total bill per cover for each table and use this data to upsell and improve marketing strategies, to increase the ticket size per table.
  • Analyze the sales performance of each outlet in real-time, and keep track which of them are performing well.


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