Fuel Station Management System


Supervision filling station management system is widely used in different sizes of the gas station, there are some functions below:

  • Daily business management.
  • Tank gauge management.
  • Commodity management of convenient store.

Device compatibility

The system is stable and reliabl

  • Simple operation
  • Good interaction
  • Prominent information security design
  • Automatic data backup
  • Business data security guarantee.

The monitoring module refueling tanker for the state of each gas station in real time or scheduled monitoring. Communication with the host between the query from the machine, petrol station automation systems according to the slave mailing address range is set, petrol station automation systems according to their order of small to large queries by order of each tanker, here for a limited time-out that issue commands on the host (that address), if the received response information see this tanker within 500ms, then turn to the next tanker queries. Tanker after receiving a host command, the command to check whether the information is consistent with their mailing address, if different. Indicates that the host should communicate with other tanker, or do not consider this order; Conversely, if refueling operation ends, you respond to this command, the charging information is sent to the host, and then waits for the host back "has been charging" message.


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